Below you will find the Youth Department Vision, Mission, and Priorities. These are beneficial to all our youth ministries, be they conference or local church. This information should provide valuable direction to the ministry as to what is important and the attributes they should champion. Together we can prepare Youth and Young Adults for His Kingdom.

Seek God, Serve others, Save for eternity (heaven).


We are inspiring others to have personal, Christ-centered experiences. United, we empower each other through service to individuals and communities. By leading those around us into discipleship, they will be equipped to reach others for God’s Kingdom.

1. Christ Centered: Youth leaders will be able to provide the youth and young adults with opportunities to discover Jesus through meaningful relationships.

2. Unity: Youth leaders will be able to provide support and resources across ministries to ensure success. Youth leaders will also strive to create a cohesive environment that promotes growth & fellowship.

3. Leadership: Youth leaders will establish clear roles and responsibilities that will develop mentor/coaches to those being ministered to.

4. Education: Youth leaders will promote AYM training opportunities.

5. Growth & Empowerment:  Youth leaders will provide youth and young adults with opportunities to lead out in planning and execution so that they are closer in their relationship with God through ministry.

6. Relationships & Community: the AYM department will be a growing community that will nourish trust, relationships, and belonging; fostering acceptance to new ideas and methods, and creating a family among youth and youth workers.

7. Goals: The goal of the AYM of SNEC is to contribute 10% of the conference baptism goal.