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PATHFINDER HONORS – The main goal for offering Honors is to expose Pathfinders to a wide variety of topics and spark an interest to learn more about God through a topic. There is more to earning an Honor than just wearing the badge; it is more about the person that the Pathfinder is becoming in this process of discovery. Many of the Honors on this website lead you to complete only parts of the Honor. And there may be some expense involved to complete the Honor (something to buy/build/etc.) or even supplies needed to participate online. Please review carefully all the requirements for each Honor you participate in, where this is available. Remember: watching a video about an Honor doesn’t equal completing an Honor. You have to complete all of the Honor requirements for that Honor. It would be up to you to work with your parents/Club Director to complete the other requirements not presented in the class or on the video. Once you have completed all the requirements, please share your worksheet/handout/notes with your Club Director to verify you have met all the requirements. Then, your Club Director can help your order the Pathfinder Honor. (Note: Adventurers, if you take any Pathfinder Honors, please do not use them on your Adventurer Uniform).

Please review carefully the requirements for each Chip, Star, Award your Adventurer participates in. Many Awards covered on this website will lead children to complete only portions of the Award. And in some cases, there may be additional expenses involved in meeting these requirements or supplies that are needed to participate. Once a child has completed all of the requirements, parents may contact the local Club Director to verify this and assist you in ordering the appropriate Chip, Star, Award that your Adventurer has earned. (Note: ONLY Adventurer items may be worn on your Adventurer uniform. Please do not use any Pathfinder uniform items on your Adventurer uniform).