Due to the Global Pandemic of COVID-19, the following has been either postponed or cancelled to stop the spread in large crowds or gatherings:

– ABE: postponed until further noticed
– Drilling and Marching MA & RI: postponed until further noticed
– CT Drilling Clinic: postponed until further noticed
– Panama Mission Trip: cancelled until 2021
– Union PBE: cancelled
– Division PBE cancelled 
– MCC State Meeting: postponed until further noticed
– Teen Prayer Conference: postponed until further noticed
 – Family Life Sabbath (5/2): postponed until further noticed
– Spring Camporee: postponed to Sept. 18-20 2020 
– Spring Escape: Postponed to September 2020
– Mcc Training (6/5-7 2020): postponed until further noticed
– Family Volunteer Project (6/6/2020) cancelled 

SUMMER CAMP CANCELLED- June 21- August 2 2020