Club Registration 2017-2018

Mail Club Applications to

34 Sawyer St South Lancaster, MA 01561

Event Date: July 14

Registration Ends: September 30

Adventurer & Pathfinder Club Registration is open. Registration is a 2 step process.

Step 1:

Club Applications
The club application must be signed by your church board signifying that your church is in support of the club’s existence and activity at the local church.

Step 1a:

It is important to remember that your Shield the Vulnerable Coordinator of your church also signs the application signifying that they have verified that all staff and volunteers of your club have completed the Verified Volunteers Background checks.

Step 2:

Online Payment
The Club Director must register their club and pay the fee per person.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the office. For assistance with Adventurers please contact Guadalupe Montour (ext 620). For assistance with Pathfinder please contact Kirosha Sidelca (675)

Club Registration Packet

Register your Adventurer Club Here

Register Your Pathfinder Club Here


MCC: Rapelling and Water Rescue

Camp Winnekeag, 257 Ashburnham, MA

Event Date: June 9-10, 2018


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For additional information contact Airnarisse Quintana at 978-631-9193


Adventurer Spring Escape

SNEC Campgrounds-34 Sawyer St, South Lancaster, MA 01561

Event Date: June 1-3, 2018

Registration Ends: February 23, 2018


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Join hundreds of Adventurers and thier families in an exciting weekend of camping, fun activities and an excellent program with guest Richard Aguilera from One Mustard Seed, INC.



Summer Camp

257 Ashby Rd Ashburnham, MA 01430

Event Date: June 24-August 5, 2018

Registration Ends: September 30


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We are so excited you want to visit and have been planning year round for you. You’ll take the grand tour past the cabins, head quarters, the gym and the awesome climbing wall, our private beach front and dock with cool ski boats, canoes, and sail boats for all your water escapades, to the best place of all our brand new horse barn. So if you want to knee board and rock climb, ride horses and slam dunk, or just chill at the beach, Camp Winnekeag is waiting for you. Can’t wait to see you!




34 Sawyer St, South Lancaster, MA

Event Date: August 5, 2018


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Family Fun Day is our annual community fair. Join us for a day of great family fun for the whole family. There will be climbs, slides and bounces, all for free. Plenty of food for varying prices.

If you are a Pathfinder/Adventurer Club or other church ministry that would like to sell food for fundraising purposes please email snecyouth@gmail.com


Backpacking Trip

Location: Trustees of the Reservations property at
Tully Lake in Royalston, MA.

Event Date: August 3-5, 2018


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More information on location, registration and pricing to come

Who can attend? Youth Leadership staff, Pathfinders, Adventurers, Adults. For questions please contact Barbara Battle via email: bbatalla@usa.net