Federations exist to offer tangible aid through training, mentoring, and serving as a source of support to Adventist Youth Society (AYS) groups.  The AYS objective is “to save from sin and guide into service.”  This is done through relevant youth worships, Compassion projects, and building community.

BAYYA- Boston Adventist Youth & Young Adults

CAYYA- Connecticut Adventist Youth & Young Adults

MAYYA- Massachusetts (Central) Adventist Youth & Young Adults

RIAYYA- Rhode Island Youth & Young Adults

SCAYYA- Southern Connecticut Adventist Youth & Young Adults

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Federation Leaders Contact Information:

BAYYA: Isaiah Goncalvesisaiahgoncalves@gmail.com
CAYYA: Badran Kahtibbadrankhatib@gmail.com
MAYYA: Elaynel Riveraerive4christ@gmail.com
RIAYYA: Maria Almontealmontemaria@hotmail.com
SCAYYA: Marisol Galarzamarisolgalarza916@yahoo.com