Federations exist to offer tangible aid through training, mentoring, and serving as a source of support to Adventist Youth and Young Adults.  Our objective is to disciple and to guide them into a deeper relationship with Christ through relevant youth worships, compassion projects, and building community.

BAYYA- Boston Adventist Youth & Young Adults

CAYYA- Connecticut Adventist Youth & Young Adults

MAYYA- Massachusetts (Central) Adventist Youth & Young Adults

RIAYYA- Rhode Island Youth & Young Adults

SCAYYA- Southern Connecticut Adventist Youth & Young Adults

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Federation Leaders Contact Information:

CAYYA: Badran Kahtibbadrankhatib@gmail.com
MAYYA: Elaynel Riveraerive4christ@gmail.com
RIAYYA: Maria Almontealmontemaria@hotmail.com
SCAYYA: Marisol Galarzamarisolgalarza916@yahoo.com