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The Adventurer program aims to strengthen the parent/child relationship and to further the child’s development in spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas. Through the Adventurer Program, the church, home, and school can work together with the parent to develop a mature, happy child. (Luke 2:52)



Pathfinders is a church based ministry that focuses on developing the spiritual, mental, and physical capacities through activities meeting the needs and interests of children and adolescents from grades 5 to 10.


Area Coordinators

Area Coordinators are lay leaders that serve the local church Adventurer and Pathfinder ministries. Their services include working closely with club directors on induction and investiture, providing information, answering questions, and coordinating joint efforts among clubs.


Medical Cadets Corp.

The Medical Cadet Corps is a ministry for youth and young adults.  They are trained to Serve God, Serve the Church and Serve the Country. Medical Cadets specialize in emergency rescue and disaster response. Additionally, they assist local churches with community service activities, First Aid and CPR training.


Mission It's Possible

Mission It’s Possible is the yearly mission trips for the Southern New England Conference, organized by the Youth Department.  These trips invites people to experience Jesus through service to the world.  


Master Guide

Master Guide - continues to be the highest level of Invested leadership within the Adventurer/ Pathfinder programs of the church. It focuses on one’s personal spiritual life and growth first and foremost. General leadership skills are then woven into the sharpening of those skills, which are specifically geared to leading youth in God-ordained areas of development

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